Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not too shabby for a Tuesday…

 Happy random Tuesday! I was at the Fisher Price sale today and it was wonderful. It is so well organized and being in the company of crafty crafters was great.  I love shows and all the creativity swarming around a room.  I saw some items that just made me happy (like the ornament below).  My brother's wife, Morgan, is off the charts creative and was at the show as well. She makes a wide variety of things using refurbished silverware ranging from jewelry to this amazing creation.  The spoon is painted green then layered with resin and an image printed on transparency paper. I Love it!!!.... (and now own it)

 So off to vote I went after that and my drive through the hills to the polls was gorgeous. The weather continues to be wonderful and as the sun set over the hills the moon was rising....large and bright.  Thanks to everyone I met at the show today and I hope the rest of the week is filled with great moments as well.

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