Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

When Seasons Gently Meet

 On my way to a meeting in the Southern Tier this week I was able to catch a beautiful morning. The seasons meet and the quick change of scenery forced me to take note.  It was quiet and, of course, cold.  Everything was dipped in a bit of ice and dusted with light snow. It sparkled as the sun came up.  The sound of crunchy grass under the hooves of this beautiful large work horse was amazing.  It was all gone when I drove through the same valley late in the afternoon and deep autumn returned.  Just a quick little treat and foreshadowing of the white blanket to come. 

I am working on a 2 special custom orders this weekend and preparing for the Fisher Price show.  I think this week calls for an order of  glass and a new class idea that incorporates lamp work beads...either Christmas ornaments or maybe a customized doggy or kitty cat tag.  Oh, the fun choices! I hope everyone has a great weekend. GO BILLS! (had to add that :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The ground in the woods near my house is covered by a thick layer of leaves. A quick hike in the morning gives forth so many beautiful sights.  It is a slow go because my youngest is determined to walk herself over all the bumps and stumps so I have time to take in all the treasures all over the ground and around.  My oldest seems to stuff every other leaf in his pocket as he treasure hunts as well.  We always come home and put his findings in books to flatten them and you would be hard pressed to find a book on the shelf without a leaf in it:)

 On the end of these pieces are fun treasures as well.  Disc beads, pressed bead, wood and leather dangle on the red  and a leather button, globe locket, stacked brown lamp work beads and an antiqued brass leaf decorate the brown. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wild or Mild...

 So the discs found a home on this fun charm bracelet. The colors are more reminiscent of the outside we had a week ago but this is a way to capture those beautiful hues and carry them with you.  
This week was a little crazier than others...(and there is still Friday)...I guess the fluctuations keep us on our toes and make it all more interesting. I hope everyone had a good it wild or mild.  TGIF to all!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Layer on up...

The three beads in this piece were so fun to make. I layer  solid color glasses then a layer of clear and repeat until I achieve a nice size and shape.  Gravity pulls the dripping glass down and I wrap it on to itself to swirl and mix the glasses while they are hot and liquid.   It creates motion and depth in the bead and I love the unpredictable results. It sounds a little complicated but the glass does all the work. 

                                           Majestic Swirl in the Etsy Shop

And so the cool temps have moved in...with rain and high winds.  I cooked and baked like a crazy person yesterday and plan to do a bit more today.  The fire place has had a fire since yesterday and I am thinking chili and corn bread to cheer on the Bills.  Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

 This past weekend was amazing! The leaves are at peak and the weather was beyond gorgeous.  I thought to myself that these past days may have been the most beautiful of the year. But I challenge Mother Nature to prove me wrong:)  I took my kids for the annual ritual to Pumpkinville near Franklinville, NY. I went there when I was their age and it is something I look forward to each year...maybe more than they do...but they love it too:)Pumpkin donuts, a talking pumpkin, pony rides, goat feeding and a corn maze...what more could you want in a day? How lucky we all were with this amazing weather.
How can it not inspire us.  I made disc bead after disc bead of rich reds, oranges and greens.  I think my favorite is a glass called "Tomato Soup" fun! I simply wrap molten glass gently onto itself while spinning the mandrel and "babysitting" the glass in the flame. It is a pretty easy technique. I am thinking they will find a fun home on a necklace or a pair of earrings very soon.   They need a dusting and a bubble bath and a scrub to get the release out of the core but then they will be on their way.
The temps cool tomorrow.....but so it goes. I will stack my wood and start up a nice fire in the fire place and embrace all the amazing things that are cool and crisp around the corner. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple Circles and Teeny Tiny Beads

Large complicated beads are a bit of a challenge.  These small beads are simple in shape and technique but fun and no less treasured on this straight forward earring design. I often make smaller beads with stringers, which are simply smaller glass rods. The become molten and glow quickly in the flame due to the smaller amount of glass mass and in no time they are brought into form and sleeping in the kiln.  They work well for earrings because they are light.  Teeny tiny but still catch the eye on this fun pair.   
Tomorrow is wonderful Thursday! and then rolling on to the weekend filled with festivals and Oktoberfest celebrations near and far....time to get a whole bunch of outdoor fun in before the frost bites and the snow flies.  I have orders going out for some early Christmas shoppers (whoa I am so jealous of how prepared you are!) and I am setting up for a few shows in the fall. I hope to be in the Fisher Price annual sale in early November.   I will post the info soon.   Hope the week is going well for all!

Monday, October 3, 2011

 The grey and amber colored lampwork beads I made take a back seat next to this amazing stone. I have held on to this sweet bead and finally found it a home.  I am not sure what kind of stone it is but it pops next to the soft tones and muted metals. 
The fall colors are rolling in all around WNY and I can't help but feel inspired by the crisp air and changing landscape.  Beautiful reds, oranges and earthy browns to come.  Happy Monday to all!