Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fiesta necklace


I hope everyone had a little bit of a break and an enjoyable holiday.  Bring on the work week, the holiday prep and whatever is around the corner!   I have an interesting bunch of beads on the mandrels from yesterday. I tried some funky techniques and let the creativity flow...some were great and others...hmmm not so much..but it was fun to try.  I will have them in pieces this week and posted.
Have a wonderful Sunday and beginning of the week as well. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

So when 13,000+ people get together in a wonderful city to be thankful, run, dress up like turkeys and cans of cranberry know you are going to have a great time.  What an amazing morning with my brother and what a great way to carry on the memory of my Grandpa and celebrate this amazing city he loved and we love as well.  I am so thankful on this day and will work hard to be diligent and thankful everyday of the year!  I hope your day is wonderful!  Let the festivities continue! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bright Colors and Sweet Little Beads

 The Wednesday before the big Turkey Day produced this fun piece.  I love the color and simple character of these small beads.  I use a smaller rod to build  bead of this tiny size.  This results in a smaller hole in the bead and a better balance on head pins and other metal work.  This piece could be hanging out with a fun weekend outfit or dress up a party dress for the holidays. 
Celebration Dance
I hope everyone is have a wonderful build up to a great celebration tomorrow.  I look forward to running in the 116th Turkey Trot to down town Buffalo tomorrow and then eating a large amount of yummy food in the great company of family.   Happy Thanksgiving to all and I am thankful for you!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Let me preface this with, I used to go into my Mom's sewing basket when I was a little girl and dump out her tin containers of buttons and sort them. I would sort them by color and size and detail and I still remember today the way they felt and the fun of the little treasures I saw them as. I have no idea what it is about buttons that I love. Call me crazy...but I think they are amazing. I still seem to have to buy them when I see a dusty old jar of buttons at a garage sale and I still love to dig through them and discover each one individually. Maybe it is because buttons are so functional in our lives but we totally embrace it and make them tiny works of art. I really don't know that much about buttons but I do know they are made out of just about everything and have been around for a very long time ( how specific is they are undoubtedly little treasures.  They find their way in to a piece I make here and there and I often even buy brand new buttons at the craft store because they are gorgeous and I can't resist. Even to this day, we are still using teeny tiny buttons as expression, function and works of art.

 The other joy of button hunting is the random stuff you find in hanging out with the buttons.  What the heck is all this it!
 The strings and tatters that are still attached call you to wonder where did these buttons first old are they? Whose fingers touched them as they dressed for the day? 

Little treasures and fun details!  Jewelry to come..I spent a little too much time in button land...but no fault in enjoying simple pleasures..right?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Saturday in late November.....

 We are pretty lucky to be able to make both snow angels and  plant bulbs in late November..even more so if they come up in the spring.  Digging in the dirt and getting these last ones in was great pleasure.
 It called for a hot pot of soup....
 Which created a few happy customers.....that later took a nice nap:)
 Deer season started today and in my side woods I spotted this work of effort....I was impressed...My guess it that he used his horns to make the mark.

These are few fun pieces of recent creation...more to come. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Earthy Flair

 I bought a bracelet at a street market in NYC years ago. I have since taken the piece a part and I used 4 of the stone beads in this piece.  I don't know what the green stone is but it is topped by tiny LB lamp work beads.  The leather strap is a bit rustic yet soft and natural.  It was a fun design to put together and I see myself duplicating it with other natural stones and lamp work. 
 So look closely at the picture above. It appears to be nothing too special at a glance...a simple spot in the  woods.  Check out what a few steps to the right look like. I hope you can see it:)
 This path leads to a Revolutionary War memorial ground.  Sometimes things deserve a second look or a slow moment to take them in. 
Beautiful skies today south of Buffalo...a pretty sad loss by the Bills but onward march to the week we go. Have a great end of the weekend and week's beginning.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A little of this and a little of that...

Chain and dangle with charms

Loops and swoops and simple beads

Swirls of transparent glass and layered frit
Today was pretty all over the place. A day off from work called from some serious "to do list" checking off. I consider it a success with 2 estate sales, a stop in Hobby Lobby, a visit to the Kissing Bridge ski swap (new pair of cross country ski boots and some teeny tiny skis and boots for my little guy), a meal out at amazing Betty's downtown, a visit here and there with good company, a bit more shopping and still a play date for the kiddos tonight to come...whoa!  Happy Veterans Day to all. I am not overly expressive in my political views but I am so thankful for my freedom and never take for granted the sacrifices others have made to maintain this for us all.  Thank you to our past and current members of the military. 
Oh yummy!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not too shabby for a Tuesday…

 Happy random Tuesday! I was at the Fisher Price sale today and it was wonderful. It is so well organized and being in the company of crafty crafters was great.  I love shows and all the creativity swarming around a room.  I saw some items that just made me happy (like the ornament below).  My brother's wife, Morgan, is off the charts creative and was at the show as well. She makes a wide variety of things using refurbished silverware ranging from jewelry to this amazing creation.  The spoon is painted green then layered with resin and an image printed on transparency paper. I Love it!!!.... (and now own it)

 So off to vote I went after that and my drive through the hills to the polls was gorgeous. The weather continues to be wonderful and as the sun set over the hills the moon was rising....large and bright.  Thanks to everyone I met at the show today and I hope the rest of the week is filled with great moments as well.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What makes for a good Saturday? starts with a November in Buffalo that in the near 50s!  I have been given a few bonus days with this weekends to really get things in order pre-winter and snow.  A good Saturday also involves a full is one in process above. It is holding steady at about 950 F.  These will be done tonight and I can fill it up again early tomorrow (before the Bills game of course)
 A messy messy work table is always in the mix for this great Saturday too.  I have quite a few pieces going right now and a freshly washed group of beads just waiting to get in on the fun.  I finally got Semi (my crazy cat) to sit still for a shot of her fancy new kitty cat bling.  She has been walking around the house with a zip her step...I think it has everything to do with her new outfit. 
What makes a great Saturday also is a nice time with some friends tonight over some good food, a "I can't help but get excited for the holidays" early screening of a Christmas movie with my kids and a shrinking list of things to do...loving this weekend so far.    I hope everyone is having a great weekend too and that your Saturday mix is crazy and fun.  I am going to be working working working hard to make some great pieces to list on etsy and showcase on the blog to get ready for the holiday season.