Sunday, November 13, 2011

Earthy Flair

 I bought a bracelet at a street market in NYC years ago. I have since taken the piece a part and I used 4 of the stone beads in this piece.  I don't know what the green stone is but it is topped by tiny LB lamp work beads.  The leather strap is a bit rustic yet soft and natural.  It was a fun design to put together and I see myself duplicating it with other natural stones and lamp work. 
 So look closely at the picture above. It appears to be nothing too special at a glance...a simple spot in the  woods.  Check out what a few steps to the right look like. I hope you can see it:)
 This path leads to a Revolutionary War memorial ground.  Sometimes things deserve a second look or a slow moment to take them in. 
Beautiful skies today south of Buffalo...a pretty sad loss by the Bills but onward march to the week we go. Have a great end of the weekend and week's beginning.

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