Monday, November 21, 2011

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

Let me preface this with, I used to go into my Mom's sewing basket when I was a little girl and dump out her tin containers of buttons and sort them. I would sort them by color and size and detail and I still remember today the way they felt and the fun of the little treasures I saw them as. I have no idea what it is about buttons that I love. Call me crazy...but I think they are amazing. I still seem to have to buy them when I see a dusty old jar of buttons at a garage sale and I still love to dig through them and discover each one individually. Maybe it is because buttons are so functional in our lives but we totally embrace it and make them tiny works of art. I really don't know that much about buttons but I do know they are made out of just about everything and have been around for a very long time ( how specific is they are undoubtedly little treasures.  They find their way in to a piece I make here and there and I often even buy brand new buttons at the craft store because they are gorgeous and I can't resist. Even to this day, we are still using teeny tiny buttons as expression, function and works of art.

 The other joy of button hunting is the random stuff you find in hanging out with the buttons.  What the heck is all this it!
 The strings and tatters that are still attached call you to wonder where did these buttons first old are they? Whose fingers touched them as they dressed for the day? 

Little treasures and fun details!  Jewelry to come..I spent a little too much time in button land...but no fault in enjoying simple pleasures..right?

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