Sunday, September 16, 2012

This weekend was amazing! The Beads of Courage event was so rewarding. What an amazing day and cause.  As a perk, I was in the same room torching with other lamp workers.  It was fantastic.  The Buffalo water front was busy with triathlons, festivals and beautiful ships coming in for Navy week.  The Bills won, I ran in an 8+ mile road race (8 in the Rough) and there was even time to find bugs and play in the river with my kiddos.  This was a weekend of good feelings and sweet inspiration. 
The bracelet above is for the Wheels with Wings fundraiser coming soon.  I hand stamped the metal disc and made the beads.  This has been a fun creative exchange and process.  I made them in a fairly large quantity and some have already sold...for another great cause as well. 

I hope this weeks has the same tone...Have a great Monday and happy creating. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

This past weekend was a little too quiet.  The fundraiser "Natalie's Walk" is moved to October 6th. It was so rainy and windy by the water front.  When I stepped out of the car that day the rain was flowing in the streets and up to my shins. It only got worse as the day went on.  The new date allows for a better weather day and for more participants to get on board. 
 The SAM was cancelled too.  The winds were nutty and the weather unpleasant.  What can ya do...
On a positive allowed for me to have some awesome time at home...soup, movies, relaxing, playing and of course beading!!! What is better than that!!??
Above you will see the BEADS OF COURAGE event for this upcoming Saturday. I can't wait to be a part of this event. Come and support us if you can or just send us some creative and good vibes if not.  Have a great beginning of the week.  I am purposefully not mentioning the Bills....:(  I still have faith...we all have to work out our kinks right..Home opening this week and they will turn it on...right?!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whoa! I stepped out for a minute there. Back...and ready and busy busy busy! This weekend is huge.  I am going to be at the Wharf with SAM market. See the link to the left for more info( 10-5 on the water in Buffalo...gorgeous!) Also at the the same time on the same an amazing fundraiser called "Natalie's Walk".  I have made bracelets to be sold at the fundraiser and feature the colors and design of this amazing organization.  After that there will be a Beads of Hope fundraiser the following week. I will be doing live torch time to make beads and collaborate with other area bead makers!!! Wow..great cause..great beads..great fun.  I will be posting more details. 
I hope if this week brings a new school year that all is refreshed and ready to go.  The leaves have a tint, the football season is around the corner (GO BILLS!) and times are busy busy!  Happy beading, creating and living life.