Sunday, October 16, 2011

Layer on up...

The three beads in this piece were so fun to make. I layer  solid color glasses then a layer of clear and repeat until I achieve a nice size and shape.  Gravity pulls the dripping glass down and I wrap it on to itself to swirl and mix the glasses while they are hot and liquid.   It creates motion and depth in the bead and I love the unpredictable results. It sounds a little complicated but the glass does all the work. 

                                           Majestic Swirl in the Etsy Shop

And so the cool temps have moved in...with rain and high winds.  I cooked and baked like a crazy person yesterday and plan to do a bit more today.  The fire place has had a fire since yesterday and I am thinking chili and corn bread to cheer on the Bills.  Have a great Sunday!

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  1. those beads are just yummy! and the chili and corn bread sound good too!