Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple Circles and Teeny Tiny Beads

Large complicated beads are a bit of a challenge.  These small beads are simple in shape and technique but fun and no less treasured on this straight forward earring design. I often make smaller beads with stringers, which are simply smaller glass rods. The become molten and glow quickly in the flame due to the smaller amount of glass mass and in no time they are brought into form and sleeping in the kiln.  They work well for earrings because they are light.  Teeny tiny but still catch the eye on this fun pair.   
Tomorrow is wonderful Thursday! and then rolling on to the weekend filled with festivals and Oktoberfest celebrations near and far....time to get a whole bunch of outdoor fun in before the frost bites and the snow flies.  I have orders going out for some early Christmas shoppers (whoa I am so jealous of how prepared you are!) and I am setting up for a few shows in the fall. I hope to be in the Fisher Price annual sale in early November.   I will post the info soon.   Hope the week is going well for all!

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