Tuesday, October 11, 2011

 This past weekend was amazing! The leaves are at peak and the weather was beyond gorgeous.  I thought to myself that these past days may have been the most beautiful of the year. But I challenge Mother Nature to prove me wrong:)  I took my kids for the annual ritual to Pumpkinville near Franklinville, NY. I went there when I was their age and it is something I look forward to each year...maybe more than they do...but they love it too:)Pumpkin donuts, a talking pumpkin, pony rides, goat feeding and a corn maze...what more could you want in a day? How lucky we all were with this amazing weather.
How can it not inspire us.  I made disc bead after disc bead of rich reds, oranges and greens.  I think my favorite is a glass called "Tomato Soup"...so fun! I simply wrap molten glass gently onto itself while spinning the mandrel and "babysitting" the glass in the flame. It is a pretty easy technique. I am thinking they will find a fun home on a necklace or a pair of earrings very soon.   They need a dusting and a bubble bath and a scrub to get the release out of the core but then they will be on their way.
The temps cool tomorrow.....but so it goes. I will stack my wood and start up a nice fire in the fire place and embrace all the amazing things that are cool and crisp around the corner. 

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