Sunday, October 30, 2011

When Seasons Gently Meet

 On my way to a meeting in the Southern Tier this week I was able to catch a beautiful morning. The seasons meet and the quick change of scenery forced me to take note.  It was quiet and, of course, cold.  Everything was dipped in a bit of ice and dusted with light snow. It sparkled as the sun came up.  The sound of crunchy grass under the hooves of this beautiful large work horse was amazing.  It was all gone when I drove through the same valley late in the afternoon and deep autumn returned.  Just a quick little treat and foreshadowing of the white blanket to come. 

I am working on a 2 special custom orders this weekend and preparing for the Fisher Price show.  I think this week calls for an order of  glass and a new class idea that incorporates lamp work beads...either Christmas ornaments or maybe a customized doggy or kitty cat tag.  Oh, the fun choices! I hope everyone has a great weekend. GO BILLS! (had to add that :)

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