Saturday, May 14, 2011

Working with gravity

I am always working on the shape of my beads.  I have to spin my mandrels while decorating the bead in order to work with gravity while the glass is in liquid like form.  I am a big fan of symmetry and a certain level of calculation with each piece.  It is one thing to create a nice design on the face of the bead but sometimes it is a challenge to keep it all symmetrical in the flame while it is moving and rolling and hot. ..and then sometimes I just let it go.  This focal bead was a perfect bead in shape but I kept it in the flame longer and let gravity pull it and drip the glass.  I then babysat it in the cooler parts of my flame and forever froze the glass in the misshapen-mind of its own kind of swirl. I love it!  It is currently in a bracelet and a work in progress.Whoa! Imperfect and a work in progress..I love it even more:)

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