Tuesday, May 17, 2011

...out of the blue.

 Like many, I am always picking up treasures when and wherever I can. I found these oval black lava stone beads at your everyday craft store and have held on to them for so long with no true knowing for where they would end up.  They are textured and rough and called on the spools of steel I have been keeping.  I made the two focal lampwork beads within the same firing and always imagined them together but have since tucked them away.  The tiny lampwork beads are from my supply. All of a sudden, they surfaced on my work bench and it seemed like nothing but meant to be.  Do we do this because we seem to gravitate towards like products, colors and designs or do things just fit to us at the right time and we make it work.  Who knows?! but it was fun to have an out of the blue piece.  

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