Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh the possibilities...

So as I wake up and gather myself for the day...all that is on my mind are possibilities..also known as hope, desire, chance...The smell of freshly moved grass is coming through the window and my apple tree has bright pink buds that I know are going to smell amazing so soon. It resembles the same feeling I have when I open my kiln and see what I made last night. oh..the possibilities!
I made these late last night and took them off the mandrels and washed them this morning.  I love the simple black and white combination ..I will make many many more of these for sure.

So here's a tid bit for the locals..There is an amazing group of women that have created a craft center in Clarence. It is a walk in or scheduled class set up with many choices just oozing with creativity. I am invigorated  when I am in their company and can't wait for their creation to take flight.  The grand opening is just around the corner and I will post the details as they roll in.  They are going to have a shop for all kinds of amazing art goodies (insert Lizard Breath Beads plug here ..wink wink). 

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