Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'll take a cliche any day...

So, we all have the best intentions when we wake up in the morning...especially when we wake up and say "Today, I am going to get this..this and this done!. It is going to be productive. It is going to be great!". But before you know it the cat threw up on your 3 loads of clean laundry, you crashed your computer because you went to download a cute image from google images for a power point presentation and you drove over half of the weeks groceries with your car.  (These are only the major highlights).  I wish I had some nice images to show you of these events....but the computer has been wiped clean due to the aforementioned crashing. So, here is when the cliche comes in for me. I proceed to take a brisk walk to one of  my favorite spots in the world. It is at a pond where the red winged black birds nest every year. Their call is my I sit and think.."Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger." (with a side bar of get off your butt and stop moping) - and I really feel it and then I'm back on track...and in fact I laugh about the whole thing (just a little).  Sooooo, in other words I love a great over used expression as a swift nudge nudge. 
I have some great pieces in the works for this week and an awesome giveaway for Thursday..(see the details on my facebook page).

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