Friday, June 24, 2011

Use the Saffron!

I have a jar of saffron in my spice cupboard that I have been saving for just the right time to make a delicious and perfect paella.  My mom got it for me when I came home from Spain years ago.  So recently I checked the date on it and it has a 'best if use by date of 2007'!!! Whoa! Where did the time go! I haven't made the paella and now the saffron is out of date.  I was treasuring it and saving it for just the right moment.  In all honesty I probably could still use it but it struck me and  I got a little mad at myself. I have imagined making delicious paella for a special occasion and having a house full of people over to enjoy it...but I never did.  Well, I turn 31 today and I am going to get some new saffron and use it right away before it goes out of date (by 4 years)! It is going to be delicious and awesome..and even if I burn it or it's disgusting (50/50 odds on this) least I made it  and it was better than no paella at all.  CARPE DIEM AND USE THE SAFFRON!
 I love Birthdays of other people because I love to celebrate the fact that they were born and they are here.  For myself I always use it to set goals, reflect and regroup and who knew that a little bottle of stale saffron would help point me in the right direction as a start this new year of life. 

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  1. Like "eat dessert first".
    Yipes! I'm more than twice your age!
    Happy Birthday!