Monday, June 6, 2011

Enough about me...

Sweet Morgan's pottery

It has been a long drought since I have been at the torch. June is a crazy month! I have two classes left in my grad work and I am preparing for the comps and my final projects. There is life and fun and all the summer events that we look forward to during the long winter.  So when I am aching to work with my glass and be at the flame some amazing people unknowingly tide me over.  I just take a look around the house or in the garden and feel a bit satisfied not only to view the work I treasure from others but to think of how I treasure them in my heart. I would be nothing without them in terms of inspiration and life in general.  So the torch will have to wait until I can sneak some time between this and that but there is no lack of inspiration from the amazing people that carry us through life. 

My brother, Josh's work..boggles my mind
Morgan's amazing piece

Morgan's creative idea for the garden

Bird house by Philpa

My Grandpa made this for me when I was my kiddos sit in it
One of Grammy's amazing quilts
Mom's stained glass

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  1. WoW! A whole family of creative people! That's good DNA!