Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beautiful Sunday Morning!

 The morning sun is gorgeous and that blue sky makes me feel amazing about this day. It also helps that the forcast calls for 50s! I went out for a quick run this morning to get things started right.  There were other early risers out there walking their dogs, people sneaking to the end of their driveways to get the paper in their jammies, and birds singing loud and clear.  I love spring!!!
 So this was a small little craft I did on the dining room floor this morning. I am sure like many that it is hard to not do crafts of plenty and with variety.  Someone bought me this wooden frame years ago.  It measures 8.5 inches by 8.5 inches with a 1 tall sides to hold the corks in.  This could be make with some simple wood handy work.  I save the corks, hot glue them it and there ya have it! It could be a cork board, trivet, or hanging decoration in the kitchen.  Great gift as well!  The corks are sometimes little fun works of art...sayings, artwork and maybe a special bottle shared with a friend that carries a nice memory with it. 

I have to admit I made the project a fam affair as well.  My four year old was in charge of handing me the next cork and taking pictures while my two year old handed me the next glue stick and was there for general encouragement.  The glue gun portion makes it a little tricky with little excited hands flying around but all were safe:)  They were so proud of our little creation.  We created a pattern as we went along- but if you don't have little excited ones helping- planning it out might be better:) 
"Whatever you do, pour yourself into it" 

So today I will dip my rods, fire up the kiln and get things moving for the week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and beautiful Sunday!!

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