Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love Buffalo!

So this has very little to do with lampwork and jewelry making but......I love Buffalo! Today I ran around much like a crazy person doing a wide variety of activities but really loving every single moment! So I know this blog is about jewelry but if I may for just one post say how much I love Buffalo...for most of the time. I would entirely 100% delete February and March and even about 2 weeks of April from the entire calendar of WNY...but with that said.... it is great here! The cost of living is beyond satisfactory in comparison to other areas of the world I have lived in and visited. The people are warm, the art life is accessible, people reach out to one another, the professional sports always keep you on the edge of your seat (in one way or another)...not to mention Letchworth, Niagara Falls, great food, historic waterways and sites, culture, and can I mention again the amazing people. It is the City of Good Neighbors..I witnessed that today in Delaware Park raising funds for Alzheimer's. It is apparent tonight in Ellicottville, NY as people gather to help a family in sudden need or tomorrow at the stadium when people have a great time but make a point to donate and take a moment for others in our area. It is what keeps us all connected. So mind may be Buffalo and I love it but hopefully we have our own..somewhere..... Any maybe with all the luck in the world Tom Brady will have the stomach flu and we can go 3 and 0...oh, I think I just jinxed it:)

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