Monday, July 11, 2011

The one that got away...

I goof all the time ( and not just in bead making:)  When I made this bead, I loved the off and bumpy shape to it. I was content putting it into the kiln from the flame with a strange look and thought it would make an interesting focal bead.  Well, this bead is forever fused to the mandrel.  I either did not apply enough release to on the mandrel before laying the glass or I worked it too much in the flame and then it simply fused to the steel.  Normally with a twist and a turn I can remove beads from the mandrel but this one will not budge.  I will have to crack it with a hammer and shed a tear so I can have the mandrel back for future making.
 I love this color combination and wanted to make it again. In a different firing, with the same glass combination, an entirely bead was made.   I had a bit less oxygen flowing in the flame the second time around and opted to work it less and keep it a bit less funky. Fun all the same and this bead is going to find a funky fun home this week on a necklace.  
Happy Monday to all! 


  1. Love the color combo! It's the color compliments that are so interesting! Love the little ring around the blue.