Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spring has sprung! Wow! Does it change everything! Here are some pics of frog eggs just laid in the pond.  There were thousands and the frogs were still noisy in the cat tails and the birds were hanging out at the shores. Everything out there just gets down to business:)  It's beyond belief how everything can be frozen and then all of a sudden spring to life. We have had a stretch of " oh my goodness does it get any more beautiful" weather! 
That means kickin' it in to high gear with summer fair prep.
I will be at Allen Town West this year!! Whoa whoa whoa! What a great time to get motivated! I love Buffalo and my city and can't wait to be at ALLENTOWN WEST!   See  you there!

 Preps for big fairs on the way.  Cream glass with colorful swirls and antiqued copper findings.

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