Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New findings and exciting happenings....

I love glass and creating how I want a piece to look..but interesting and fun findings add so much to each piece as well.  I love buttons and found the 'militaires equipements' button is a storage box I bought at an estate sale.  The bright blue and green goodies are from Ecuador.  It is dyed wood/nut..I can't wait to find a home for these goodies. The bracelet above is funky and unique. I included stones, charms, wood and metal with the glass.  The earrings below are made with tiny lamp work beads and accented with carved buttons.   I am always on the look out for interesting and odd findings that love to hang out with my glass. 

In other news...the Buffalo Saturday Art Market is in full swing. I have participated in two dates and it has been wonderful.  The first day was perfect! Great people, weather, music and art.   The second date was crazy to start due to a nutty storm.  It cleared up and ended up to be an amazing day also. I would have blown away if it wasn't for some amazing and kind people.  Buffalo is called the city of good neighbors and it is so very true.    As the day went on, I met some more great people, signed up for some new and exciting projects and enjoyed what this beautiful city has to offer.    I will be there next on August 11th from 10-5... See you there:) 

Summer is going well. We have been very busy with bubbles, swimming, playing, and adventures.  I hope your summer is going great too.  This is an amazing time of year!

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