Sunday, June 3, 2012

So a bit of bummer that the winds were so crazy yesterday, out the Buffalo Saturday Artisan Market will be up and going soon. I created and experimented a whole bunch and have some fun pieces to put out. The extra time until the next show will give me a chance to fine tune some displays and continue to build inventory. It is gorgeous down there and I can't wait to be set up and taking it all in at the wharf.

  On a separate note, I spilled nail polish remover on my camera this morning.... Duh:( but good pics on hold for a bit. Mad, Mad, Mad at myself but trying to get over it..... The earrings above are made from a type of nut and topped with a frit lamp work bead.  I am still trying to figure out the nut type.  I love them!!

It rained all day. The sun is just coming out now. This forced me to catch up on some inside work. Have a wonderful start to the week!

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