Monday, April 25, 2011

Treasures from the kiln

So the frit beads came out great! The frit is fun because it often takes on a little life of its own based on the body of the bead, heat and amount of time in the flame. Each bead and the reactions are a snow flake...not that I want to say the s word. 
I was contacted by an amazingly talented ceramic artist to donate an item for a fundraiser at Buffalo State (details to follow). It is for the Japan Society of Buffalo towards relief from the recent events in Japan.   I am flattered to be able to participate and excited to put efforts towards a good cause. Now starts the brain storming ideas for what to is a challenge and a great opportunity and I want to design a piece specifically for this cause. 
So more dremeling tonight..followed by some luxurious late night grocery shopping at sweet Wegmans (sola!!!)

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